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System solutions for the betting industry

The DIGITOTE Group is a consortium of independent IT companies that offer tailor-made software solutions and product innovations.

As a recognized specialist, DIGITOTE has been developing software and specialized hardware for bookmakers and racecourses for the past 30 years.

The long-term and close co-operation with customers enabled DIGITOTE to adapt result-oriented proven methods and innovative technologies continuously and creatively to their specific needs.

The DIGITOTE Company has become an internationally established solution provider with development centres in Berlin, Recklinghausen, and Douglas.

DIGITOTE provides a bookmaker with a system that caters for all needs. At the very core of the product is the Xturf Server System that includes the Shop Software, Internet, Mobile, Self Service Machines and special hospitality capture and recognition systems. It also provides a customer wallet for cross-betting (Shop/ Internet/Machines) and is open for the easy Integration of 3rd Party products.


Our core product


The Xturf Software System is a standard software solution, customized to suit our customers requirements.

For over 30 years DIGITOTE have been developing and producing software for our clients. Over this period of time our software has become very stable and reliable.

In 2015, we plan to release our next version which will include an entire graphical user interface.

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Xturf covers the standard bookmaker requirements:

  • Sports Betting
  • Horse and Dog Racing
  • Fun Betting
  • Integrated Virtual Sport Events
  • Betting in Running

Our system is suitable for Independent bookmakers with single shops or multiple shops. It is flexible, easy to use and adapt- able to suit a variety of needs whatever your requirements are.

Key functions:

  • Internet interface to connect to a betting homepage
  • Mobile Betting
  • Webshop (created by you or us)
  • Customer account processing
  • Wallet function for 3rd party product integration (Poker, Casino, Skillgames, etc.)
  • Telephone Betting
  • Customer cards for shops
  • Ability to set different odds, payout limits, and rules for each shop

Automatic proposals for odds adjustments according to turnover as well as automatic change.

  • Supports multiple languages
  • Supports various currencies
  • Supports various data acquisitions e.g. (PA Sports, SIS, betradar)
  • Customer information query system
  • Automatic ticket recognition facility
  • Extensive evaluations & statistics available
  • Regular software updates
  • Produced to high safety standards
Xturf Live
3rd Party Integrations


Hosting, odds, result service, support


DIGITOTE offered in the past a fully hosted solution with its Partner Manx Telecom. Manx Telecom is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.

All Servers and Software had been based in a web-park where the user was given remote access via secured connections (https/ssh). No Software was needed at the users end, despite a browser and a Terminal Emulation or Xterm.

As a result, IT security compliance was easier for the entire IT Infrastructure as the customer have had very limited access to IT and can benefit from our audits.

PCI / DSS conformance is taken care of by providing a self- assessment questionnaire. It is not necessary to be fully compliant when only storing limited credit card data. The recognition of e.g. the last credit card used, is completed by special logs and tokens provided by the payment providers like Skrill, Worldpay. The payment process has not been handled on websites hosted within the DIGITOTE Webpark.

The webservershave beenfor Webshop / Internet / Mobile Shops and are connected to the Servers via VPN or via secured connection.

Basic Servers for e.g. 100 Shops and 50.000 Internet customers are provided as standard. Higher demands may require additional hardware at additional costs.

Odds/Result service

DIGITOTE provides full support of the Odds/Result Service. It also offers a basic risk management service 24/7 – through business partners.

DIGITOTE has teamed up with betradar and betgenius to use all of their data and odds suggestions as well as the Odds Creator to get the most on betting markets to have a competitive product. All changes to odds and all offers are checked online against the betradar/betgenius database to detect discrepancies to other operators immediately.

The risk management is tailored to the individual bookmakers needs and both, customers and shops are monitored.


We have contracted partners to assist you for all related business, like Affilates, CRM, editorial Content, Video Content, Marketing, SEO, Poker/Casino/Skill proceedings, web design, newsletter.


DIGITOTE�s Software is eCOGRA certified, proving that it respects the "CENWorkshop Agreement 16259:2011" that includes ISO 27001 Standards relevant to online gambling operations.

Manx Telecom
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Webshop for betting shops & franchisers

Shops Cards


Software for self-service terminals

Self-service terminals are very similar to the webshop application with the following differences and enhancements:

  • Operated by Touch only
  • Support of Printer / Scanner
  • Support of Note and Coin acceptors
  • Local administration screen for testing
  • Special accounting and clearing options
  • Special reports
  • Online Support
  • Secure VPN with hardware recognition

Our Software is installed and supported by Self Service Terminal Models provided by Amusys with one or two screens.

Upon request we can adapt our software to other machines at an additional one off cost.

The machine runs against webserver(s) to run the web designed user interface to avoid transferring data to the machines, so they are always up to date without any downloads.

With the Xturf API we also support Software developed by other companies, like Admiral.

The Self Service Terminal is administrated and reported like any other till within the Xturf System.

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Internet & Mobile

The standard functions …

  • Register
  • My account
  • Change Data
  • Account Statements
  • Betting History
  • Deposit Funds
  • Withdraw funds
  • Self Limits
  • AccountLock / Cooling Off

… are implemented according to the legal environment. So, geolocation, communication with official servers for customer recognition, central self exclusion, are integrated by using 3rd party products.

Horse and Dog betting are provided as is Sportsbetting with Betting in Running. Streams can be added like those from perform Group or any other 3rd party Shop and Online Accounts can be run with the very same customer account.

Creating of own Vouchers that can be redeemed (e.g. bought in own shop or as promotional money). Special tools for customer retention - like Golden Ticket (payback of lost tickets to a number of customers with a Jackpot).

Xturf can hold the main wallet and can be used e.g. also for seamless integration of betradar Gaming Solutions and basic content provided by them, like Livescore, statistic center, live match Info. Integration of the Sportsbook to other wallets and in other websites (e.g. to casinos).

Internet & Mobile


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